Winter Home Maintenance Tips: Preparing for the Cold

Hey there, homeowners! Troy Stiller from the Stiller Group here, serving as the listing representative for ASB Homes. I trust you're all keeping warm and cozy as we brace ourselves for the impending frigid weather. To help you safeguard your homes against the extreme cold, I recently consulted with our superintendent to gather some valuable tips. Let's dive into these winter home maintenance pointers to ensure your abode remains a warm and secure haven.

Prevent Frozen Pipes:
One of the primary concerns during winter is the potential for frozen pipes. Our superintendent recommends turning faucets onto a drip to keep water flowing, preventing pipes from freezing. This simple step can save you from the hassle and expense of dealing with frozen pipes.

Disconnect Exterior Hoses:
To avoid freezing from the outside in, ensure all your hoses are disconnected from exterior spigots. Failure to do so might result in leaks within your walls, causing further complications. Take this precautionary measure to protect your home's plumbing.

Maintain Airtight Windows:
Keep the cold air out by ensuring that your windows are closed and locked securely. An airtight seal is crucial to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and reducing energy costs. Take a few moments to inspect and seal any potential drafts around your windows.

Keep the Garage Door Closed:
Your garage can be a significant source of heat loss. To minimize exposure to the cold, make an effort to keep your garage door closed as much as possible. This simple practice can contribute to maintaining a warmer interior.

Address Window Condensation:
During extreme cold, condensation on windows is common. Combat this issue by keeping blinds slightly open to promote air circulation and minimize condensation. While some condensation is expected, these measures can help manage the problem.

Install a New Furnace Filter:
Maximize the efficiency of your heating system by installing a clean, new furnace filter. A well-maintained filter ensures that your unit operates at its fullest capability, providing consistent warmth throughout your home.

Watch Out for Concrete Damage:
Be cautious with salt and deicers, as they can damage concrete surfaces. When spreading these substances, be mindful of potential harm to driveways and walkways. Choose products that are safe for your concrete to avoid unnecessary damage.

Emergency Preparedness:
In case of any unforeseen emergencies, it's crucial to have your plumber and HVAC contact information readily available. Quick access to these professionals can make a significant difference in addressing and resolving urgent issues promptly.

As we navigate the winter months, implementing these home maintenance tips can help you safeguard your property against the harsh cold. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out. Stay safe, stay warm, and enjoy a cozy winter in your well-prepared home!

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