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Why I’m Thankful for my work peeps!

Hey Everyone… Heather here! Well, it’s clearly time for a Thanksgiving “THANKFUL” post! So I thought I’d share a bit of my perspective of why I’m thankful for my Stiller Group Peeps!


Troy – I’m thankful that you have a strong work ethic and always push us to set our goals higher and then help us achieve them.

I’m thankful that you’ve learned to micromanage less thru the years. I’m thankful that you let me be myself 🙂



Tiff – I’m thankful that I finally have a red headed “sister” who completely understands my sassiness and temper and who indulges my crazy shenanigans!!

I’m thankful for your laugh because it is contagious and I’m thankful that are awesome at your job (which makes mine easier somedays!)



Lisa – I’m thankful that you bring a sense of FUN wherever you are! I’m thankful that you’re a good shoulder to lean on or a good bodyguard if I need that too! I’m thankful you are a part of our team and I’m even thankful for you when we’re both grumpy and not getting along :)! I guess I’m thankful for that night at That’s the Ticket where this photo was taken! hehe



Keith – I’m thankful that you definitely balance out a bit of the high estrogen in our office (which I’m sure Troy is thankful for as well!). I’m thankful you are level headed and can talk me off of cliffs. I’m thankful for your bluntness and the “color” you bring to the office! Also, we’re both thankful for Lionel Ritchie in case you were wondering :)!



Laura – I’m thankful for your young look on life and how even though you make me feel old at times, it makes me smile. I’m thankful that you’re always willing to help when things get busy at the office. I’m thankful that you also love This is Us so we can give our commentaries every week!!




Tynisha– Even though we dont officially have a selfie yet (we will soon!) I’m thankful to have you on our team! I’m thankful that you are thorough and an eager learner. I’m thankful that I got to take off some of the hats I’ve been wearing and give them to you 🙂 I’m also thankful that you aren’t crazy and I would have to sit next to a crazy person all day!



I’m so thankful for these people for many other reasons also!!! We work hard and we play hard and we ALWAYS have a good time no matter which one we’re doing!


Happy Thanksgiving to your family from everyone at my TSG family!!



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