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    What I’ve Learned My First Year In Real Estate


    Wow!! Where has the time gone??
    After quitting my job (of 22 years) last February and DIVING into the Real Estate business full-time, I’ve learned many SO many things this past year.
    First and foremost, this industry changes DAILY – new forms, new laws, new listings, new clients….
    And I love it!! Never a dull moment. This career is a lifestyle – working 7 days a week (but still leaving plenty of time and flexibility for me to love on my perfect grandbaby Chase!), answering your phone 24 hours a day and driving your car more miles than you could imagine.
    I’ve been blessed to become a part of the number one team in Indiana – The Stiller Group. (Check us out on Facebook Here!) This team has become my family, best friends and my comic relief!! I also have an amazing family within Schuler Bauer Real Estate – so much knowledge and so many caring people!!
    My favorite part of my new career would have to be all the clients I’ve met and help find their dream home! I especially love first time home buyers – so many questions, but so excited to start a new chapter. What a blessing that I got to help 19 families buy their dream home last year!
    I have had some ummm………. odd/strange experiences.:)
    I’ve been told that I have more crazy real estate stories than the average agent. Lucky me!!
    • I just thought that a large pig roaming around a sellers living room was normal.
    • Or showing a home that that has a door taped shut and a DO NOT ENTER sign was legit.
    • Or how about the home where the seller was home. And sitting on their bed. With only a towel across their lap. Normal, right?
    • Or the person sleeping in an unfinished basement (we were quiet and did not wake them).
    Oh, fun times!! I’m looking forward to an amazing 2016!! Thanks to all my clients, family and friends for your continued support. And remember…….I’m never too busy for your referrals!!

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