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    Top DIY Home Improvement Tips

    Top DIY Home Improvement Tips to do if you are thinking about selling – and helpful even if you aren’t!


    Happy Monday y’all! Resident DIY Expert – Tiffany – here.  If you don’t know me yet, you will quickly learn that I am the team’s go to when it comes to any DIY home project, fixer upper or just plain remodel. Thanks to a little creativity, my contractor hubby and of course a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, there is always a home project going on at the Denison household.


    So why is it that we always wait until it’s time to move to start thinking about improving our homes? Don’t we all deserve to live in updated and flawless houses too? Well take it from me, coming from a working mom of two, who has moved six times in seven years (yes, by choice) – NOW is the time to spruce up, update and ENJOY the home you have worked so hard for! Whether you are selling or not, if you wait to tackle everything until you are, you won’t have experienced the luxury of loving where you live. And, it will make your to-do list that much more daunting when you go to sell. Here are my top tips to get your home ready for the market, or simply ready to enjoy:)


    Update Your Cabinets – Whether your budget is on lottery winner status or you are just looking to spend a few nickels, updating your kitchen cabinets can be HUGE for your home. Fresh paint and new hardware can give your kitchen the fresh look it needs – either for selling or your next get-together. Want to go further than just paint, but don’t need all new? Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to give your cabinets a face lift with new trim and moldings. http://www.beautifulmatters.com/2013/02/diy-inexpensive-cabinet-updates/


    CLEAN Your Windows! – Sparkling windows can make a world of a difference to a home! I know when I feel like my house is looking gloomy and needs a spruce, the first thing I tackle are the windows. TIP: Use newspaper instead of paper towels or a cloth to clean glass as it won’t leave any fiber residue.


    Modernize Bathrooms with New Faucets and Light Fixtures – Outdated fixtures in bathrooms can be an instant turn-off to a buyer, unless they happens to be a DIY-er themselves. And in that case, they see discount on the purchase right away. For a few bucks, you can change out a faucet and/or a vanity light that will give your tight space of a bathroom a new look. If you don’t have the means to change those out, get out your elbow grease, give it a deep scrub and brush off the cobwebs – your family AND buyers will appreciate! And last but not least – SPRAY PAINT! The ultimate Tiffany fix is always spray paint. Check out this link for a fun how-to: http://www.thecountrychiccottage.net/2012/05/how-to-spray-paint-your-light-fixtures.html


    PAINT! Painting always seems to be the most dreaded task at our house, but trust me, it will absolutely give you the biggest bang for your buck! Transform a room by adding a deep, neutral-toned accent color to one wall or change up your entire space with a fun, popular color. Homes with neutral colors show the best – so consider painting those ballerina pink and ninja turtle green walls before your house hits the market. See my favorite neutral go-tos here if you are looking for a suggestion:



    De-Clutter the Toys! If you have littles, toys can be the biggest clutter item in your house, and it can also be a deterrent while showing your home. Go ahead and invest in a few tubs or baskets for easy storage – even if you aren’t moving, your sanity needs this! Get rid of those toys you have been hanging onto and besides, who wants to move all of that stuff?


    Closets- Don’t confuse de-cluttering with stuffing junk into closets. One of the major things buyers look for is “closet space” so  if yours are stuffed full, how can they see how big and roomy they are? Take the time to purge and get rid of items you and your family don’t use. You will thank me later!


    Spruce it up Outside – No cash to spend out there? One word: CLEAN! Sweep off your porch and sidewalk of leaves and debris. Clean off any mold or mildew from the siding and other parts of your house – you may have to take a pressure washer to it! Give the front door a fresh coat of paint if needed. Add a colorful wreath and flowers to the front porch or stoop. This is the first place buyers – or guests – will stop to take it all in, and you only get a chance to make a first impression once! My front porch is one of my favorite spots of my house so I always have some fresh and fun things on the door:)


    There ya have it, my top list of things to do in order to enjoy your home, or get it ready for the selling market. If you are thinking about selling, give us a shout and we would be happy to come out and have a look to help you get your best bang for your buck!

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