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Thunder Over Louisville

It’s that time again!

Thunder Over Louisville kicks off one of the biggest festivals in the Louisville area. Airplanes, fireworks, food, and lots and LOTS of people.

There is always an argument over which side of the river is the “best side” to watch the show (The Indiana side). Honestly, I have watched one time from Louisville. I was in the 5th grade and we got stuck in an old school freight elevator for 45 minutes. So naturally, it ruined my whole perspective of going to Kentucky.

My uncle has recently bought a house on Skyline Dr. in the Knobs and it is THE PERFECT spot for watching the fireworks. You can see everything and you don’t have to deal with the crowds. However, if you like the crowds, here are some spots you may want to check out:

  1. Waterfront Park- this one is kind of a given. It is the perfect spot. You’ll need to get there early to get a prime viewing area as it gets pretty crowded, pretty quickly.
  2. Slugger Field- you can have a fun filled day with this one! Baseball game, airshow, fireworks and concert! You would also have better access to restrooms and snacks.
  3. Buckheads- If you are looking for a party, this is the place for you. Great food, great booze and a great view. Make sure to buy tickets in advance.

Be prepared, any place that allows you to watch the show for free, is going to be crowded. Don’t wait until the last minute and hope you can find a spot.

Make a plan before you head down there. In my experience, my cellphone did not work once I was in that large of a crowd. So if you are trying to get a hold of someone- good luck.

If you have small children, know their limits. A 7 hour day can be long for even us, especially in the heat.

Leave lots of things at home. No glass bottles, no tents, no canopy, no grills, skateboards, bikes, skates, outside alcohol, or pets.

I would suggest bringing your patience and your own toilet paper (You know those bathrooms are going to run out).

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