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    • The Stiller Group is Now Using the Most Realistic, Interactive 3D Software in the World!

    The Stiller Group is Now Using the Most Realistic, Interactive 3D Software in the World!

    Walk through it before you walk through it!  Troy, I have no idea what you are talking about!? Have you ever been searching online for the perfect home for you and your family at night while lying in bed, but just can’t get an idea of floor plan from the pictures? How about the time when you found the perfect home, but couldn’t work around your schedule to set appointment to physical walkthrough a home, only to find out that the one you LOVE is under contract because we all know the good ones go fast.  Lastly, have you ever relocated out of state for work and diligently trying to sell your current home, pick up the family to move them across the country, look for a new home, schedule a time to fly in to spend countless hours going through homes that didn’t fit because the representation may not have given you an idea of plan and condition?


    We ARE all very busy in this day and time and every minute counts when you are on the go and trying to find a new home while juggling everything else in your life.  What if you could walk through a home virtually and see exactly where every room in the house was, while interactively controlling where you want to explore in the house?  The FUTURE of viewing homes is among us and we are excited to introduce the most interactive 3d virtual tour camera software that you are the first to see!  This new software will allow you to do everything I mentioned above!  This will give our customers/clients and prospective buyers the option to virtually walkthrough our listings and navigate through the home as they please while the click of one button will allow them to view the home in a dollhouse view, allowing them to see the floor plan and where every room in the house is located.  Cool, right!??  Whether you’re on the couch, in bed, at the office, in your car (in park of course:) ), or in a different state/area, you can view the home anywhere you choose!  We believe that this will give our sellers a competitive advantage to secure an offer in a shorter amount of time, with less hassle to them, and possibly getting top dollar!  A buyer may make an offer without even walking through it!

    Click on the link below to check it out! Let us know what you think!


    Click on this link and you can experience the future of viewing homes when you list with The Stiller Group.  


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