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    Should you wait for warmer weather to list your home?

    A popular misconception amongst home owners is that it’s not a good idea to try and sell your home in the winter. It’s cold, it gets dark early, the landscaping is dead and there probably aren’t many people looking for new homes this time of year, right? Not so fast.

    While it’s true that there aren’t as many house hunters out there this time of year, the ones who are hunting are buyers, not lookers. One of the biggest problems I run into as a buyers specialist this time of year is that there’s simply a lack of inventory for our clients. When a great place pops up, it’s gone quickly and it isn’t uncommon for multiple offers to be put on a home that’s priced right. According to online studies the average seller nets more above asking price from December to March than the rest of the year. The lack of inventory is an advantage to a seller because when a potential buyer sees something they like, there aren’t always other options out there. So why not sell before your competition is even on the market?

    Another thing to consider is that interest rates are predicted to continue to rise. As the rates go up, a buyer can lose some of their buying power. It’s in a buyers best interest (literally) to buy sooner than later and I’m seeing people who aren’t on a time crunch still choosing to buy now.  This will also affect you once you sell your home and become a buyer. Another reason to sell now, so you can buy now before rates go up even more.

    Give The Stiller Group a shout, we’d love to show you what is going on in our market and why the time to buy and sell is now! By the way, we’re never too busy for your referrals!



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