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    Selling your home from an agents perspective…

    My wife and I have decided recently it was time to practice what I’ve been preaching and take advantage of the great interest rates and move to a larger home to accommodate our growing family. The first thing I’ve noticed is that I have all of the same concerns that someone who doesn’t work in the industry 7 days a week would have. The biggest difference is I get to see the process from start to finish all the time so I know that after the stress of getting your home ready to list it can go really quickly from there if you list at an appropriate price. We’re still in a sellers market and that’s another reason the decision to make our move was an easy one. The inventory is still low, so the possibility of a quick sell is very real.


    So what does an agent do to get their house ready to sell? For me personally, the inspection and repair portion of a deal is by far the most stressful time for all parties involved. One way to remedy this is to get your home inspected and making the repairs before you even list. Having my home inspected and repairing the defects will offer myself and any potential buyers piece of mind going into this part of the transaction. To me that is easily worth the price of the inspection.

    The very first thing we did at my house was de-clutter. This alone made a huge difference and my house already feels much larger because we removed anything we don’t regularly use and put it into storage. This is also a great time to donate things you don’t want to just move to your new home so it can sit in your basement and never be used. People don’t want to open closets and see stuff falling out of it because its so full. This will definitely give buyers the impression your home doesn’t have enough room for their stuff either.

    Another thing that is a big help to making your home look as good as possible is to go through and give your home a good deep cleaning. Make sure all your light bulbs work, clean your tub and shower, clean your windows so the sun light can come in etc. A little elbow grease can go a long way to a quick sale. You should do your best to always make sure your home is ready to show on short notice and I know this is very difficult having two boys myself who love legos.

    One of the last things we need to do to finish staging our home is to de-personalize our place. You may not be crazy about taking down family photos and your kids finger paintings off the refrigerator but buyers want to imagine themselves in your house and this will help.

    This is just the start of the things you can do to help it go smoothly but is a great start! For more tips, click the links below…





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