• So how was school today?!?

      ! Hey guys….it’s Tynisha!! As many of you know, I have three children, two teenagers and a preteen. For those of you with school-age children, you will understand my struggle…

      Written by Troy Stiller
    • Wedding Bells

      Hi everyone! Carly here…aka the “bride to be!” My wedding is coming up on Saturday and I wanted to share with you the awesome businesses and vendors who have gone above and beyond to help make my wedding special! In real estate, word of mouth and referrals are what makes our business so successful! So … Continue reading Wedding Bells
      Written by thestillergroup
    • Gratitude

      Gratitude. Each week we start out our team meetings by sharing a personal or professional success story with the entire group. I am actually proud to say we stole this technique from my own mother, as she used this same practice in her very successful, team-leading career. This activity starts our meeting off with a […]
    • Now What??

      Congratulations! You just closed on your very first home….now what?? How exciting!! And scary!! And confusing!! Here is a list of things to do BEFORE and AFTER the big day. Prior to closing: Make a list of things you will need to buy, sell and get rid of. Schedule your moving truck (or make sure […]
      Written by lisasharprealtor
    • How will Brexit affect the U.S. housing market?

      While it’s true most Americans don’t particularly care whether or not Britain is part of European Union, we do care about the U.S. housing market and mortgage rates. If you’re wondering if the Brexit vote would impact either, it has already started to affect us.  Uncertainty surrounding the Brexit vote was likely one of the […]
      Written by keith
    • The Newest Floor Plan by ASB! The Millie Kate!

      Good morning friends! I just wanted to take a minute to introduce ASB’s newest floor plan to you! The beautiful MILLIE KATE!! It is currently being built in Glenwood, Lakeside Forest and Crystal Springs. This floor plan has MANY UPGRADED FEATURES! Let me walk you through the first floor of this home with some of […]
      Written by thestillergroup