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Now What??

Congratulations! You just closed on your very first home….now what?? How exciting!! And scary!! And confusing!! Here is a list of things to do BEFORE and AFTER the big day. Prior to closing:
  • Make a list of things you will need to buy, sell and get rid of.
  • Schedule your moving truck (or make sure all your friends, neighbors and relatives are free that day):)
  • Pick out paint colors and have them ready to go.
  • Schedule to get your carpets cleaned on closing day.
  • Call and/or meet with your children’s new school- get them registered!
  • Call all utility companies and schedule the transfer date. Some companies may require a deposit of a trip to their office to sign paperwork.
  • Make sure your homeowner’s insurance is in effect (should  be taken care of at closing.)
After you get your keys:
  • Take a deep breath and CELEBRATE!!! This is a big step in your life-enjoy the moment!
  • Get the garage code and keys from previous owner.
  • Many buyers prefer to have the locks changed, if so, call a locksmith.
  • Change the garage code.
  • Pack up your cleaning supplies and grab your friends, neighbors and relatives (if you still have some):) and clean your new home from top to bottom.
  • Meet your new neighbors and get info on the neighborhood-what day is garbage pickup?
  • Those boxes will not unpack themselves, but don’t stress over it. You’ll get there!
And before you say those famous last words….”I am NEVER moving again”, you need to remember that you probably will in 5-7 years. Haha! When that time comes, call The Stiller Group again. We will ALWAYS be here for you!! Good luck! P.S. I am not available on your closing day to help you move, I have plans that day.:) Lisa
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