Happy Leap Day!

    Happy Leap Day Friends!
    Since it doesn’t happen every day that I write a blog on Leap Day, I did a little history on it. Can you believe that this idea began in 45 B.C!?!?!
    Check out this interesting article with some history facts:
    Are you a leap day baby? Know someone who is? TAG THEM in this post… and let’s CELEBRATE them today!
    What are your chances of being born on Leap Day?
    About 1 in 1,500.
    When is the birthday party?
    If you are born on a Leap Year, do you get your driver’s license on February 28th or March 1st? It is an ambiguous question that is decided by each states. Most states, however, consider March 1st the official day. For instance, the Michigan Vehicle Code states that people born on February 29th “are deemed to have been born on March 1st.”
    How many people were born on Leap Day?
    There are about 187,000 people in the US and 4 million people in the world who were born on Leap Day.
    Last time we had a leap day was in 2012. Here’s a list of what things cost, news items, top movies/books/celebrities, etc
    Here at The Stiller Group, we’re excited about one more day in February!
    -ONE more day to SHOW houses to our fabulous buyers
    -ONE more day to LIST homes
    -ONE more day to get our clients to the CLOSING table (2 of our lucky clients get keys to their new house today!)
    -ONE more day write contracts and get ACCEPTED OFFERS
    -ONE more day to EAT lunch at Qdoba! (my favorite!)
    Don’t wait 4 more years to let us show you The Stiller Group difference…
    Let’s get started now!

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