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Gratitude. Each week we start out our team meetings by sharing a personal or professional success story with the entire group. I am actually proud to say we stole this technique from my own mother, as she used this same practice in her very successful, team-leading career. This activity starts our meeting off with a fun and light tone, and usually there are multiple high fives thrown, some BOO YAHs cheered and many laughs shared.   Recently we tried something different: we each offered a piece of gratitude towards the name of the team member we drew out of a hat. This exercise of unprovoked, gratitude sharing got me thinking of how much appreciation I truly have for what I am blessed to do each day, and who I spend it with.   A career in real estate lends itself to be as flexible AND as stressful as you make it. Without my core group of people in my life, my career (and sanity for that matter) would be a hot mess. FOR REAL. Sometimes, it’s easy to take for granted how much help we all actually NEED in our lives; and I’m here to tell you, you NEED it. I can’t explain how lucky I am to have 2 sets of grandparents and aunts and uncles in my children’s lives that drop on a dime to pick them up from school, run to gymnastics and make T-Ball games in the rain all on a daily basis. It’s once a week that I call my Mom, MIL or sister to switch their own schedules so I can run and show a house that just came on the market.  But with ever-changing schedules, also comes weekday lunch dates with my now 1st grader and mornings with my makeup-loving princess who likes to play dress-up in my closet.   And how can I forget my “work family”? Our tight-knit group is as close as they come. We make each other laugh, bounce crazy ideas off of one another, help in times of need and are quite frankly the coolest, most diverse group of friends I have ever had. These folks would do ANYTHING for me, ANYTIME. There are days we spend the majority of the workday in the same 400 square feet, and there are weeks when we see each other max 10 minutes out of the day.   So this week I share more about my personal life rather than Real Estate news, but to me, my work and home family is the backbone of my career. Maybe you are searching for a new form of flexibility? Or an agent to help you find that special home you have been looking for? Give us a shout–our group is here to support you and every need you may have. We love what we do, and do what we love! Tiff
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