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Glue sticks, pencils, erasers… Oh My!

Hey friends, Heather here! Glue sticks, pencils, erasers… Oh My! It’s back to school time in Kentuckiana and quite a few of my Stiller Group peeps are feeling the anxiety of buying school supplies, scheduling pick up/drop off procedures and packing lunches! So I looked online and found some Back to School Tips. As I was reading through them, I realized how similar these feelings and the need for preparation relates to listing your home for sale. The anxiety, the de-cluttering, the unknown of when offers will come in, the money you invest in getting your home ready… all of these things can add stress to your situation. So I’m also going to add some tips and tricks of things to do before you list your home with The Stiller Group to help alleviate this.
Here’s a great article I found on Good Housekeeping with 25 back to school tips.
A few that I want to discuss…
-Designate a Command Center
When getting your home ready to sell with the Stiller Group, there are always documents that come up that either your agent will need or potential buyers will ask for. Create a designated space to keep real estate related items in.
-Any additional keys needed (for garages, pole barns, etc)
-A letter to potential buyers welcoming them to your home 
-Any fliers or binder that your agent has given you to set out for showings
-Copies of estimated utility averages
-Play Keep vs. Toss
Before you list your home and have professional pictures taken by The Stiller Group, the magic word is DECLUTTER!
-Move any excess items off countertops
-Make sure closets aren’t stuffed full. Buyers can’t visualize their stuff fitting and it makes the home seem like it doesn’t have enough storage
-Take a few family photos off the walls. Buyers want to be able to see themselves in the home.
-Less is BEST… the more open space you can show to potential buyers
–File Everything
As you list your home and get an accepted offer, your realtor and in conjunction with the lender and title companies will need some additional documents from you. It’s a good idea to have them organized before you being to de-clutter and pack things up!
Some things you may want to add to your file
-Any HOA information – Neighborhood Covenants and Restrictions
-Current mortgage statements (title company will need account numbers and customer service numbers when it’s time to close the transaction)
-Monthly utility bills to calculate averages
-Copies of your listing paperwork and purchase agreement for your records
We’re ready when you are! Give us a call at (502) 414-1031 for a free consultation!
P.S. If you need some cute Thirty-One items to help organize your current or soon to be new home, I’m your girl there!
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