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Flu Season

Holy Cow. I think EVERYONE in the Southern Indiana/Louisville area is sick. I mean EVERYONE.

I was sick over the weekend and tried to go to the Little Clinic..they had stopped taking appointments because the wait was so long! I checked some other places around me and the wait was 2 hours!!

So. Naturally, I went to Dr. Google.

We found a great article on Facebook of how to deal with the flu.

Just because you got the flu shot, doesn’t mean you won’t get the flu. Apparently the flu shot was only 10% effective this year.

-The flu will run it’s course in about 7-14 days. This is a VIRUS. Viruses are not treated with antibiotics.

-Tamiflu is found to mostly be ineffective.. and it comes with a hefty price tag.

-Drink plenty of fluids!

-Take over the counter flu medicine AND Tylenol/Mortin/Aleve– read the directions though.. don’t just go mixing meds.

-Hot Tooddies— if you are over 21 of course.

-If you are coughing up junk, your cough is productive.. don’t suppress is. If you are just coughing to cough.. take care of that.

-Make sure you are stocked up on things at home. You are not going to want to leave.


Hopefully these few things will help. Good luck!


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