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    Apps to Organize Your Life!

    We’re 18 days into 2016… be honest… Did you vow to be more organized in 2016?! <——- Even if you didn’t SAY you were going to be more organized… don’t we ALL need it?! I’m a busy mom of a 9.5 year old, volunteer at church in the nursery and at my son’s school, a leader with a successful direct sales company and I work full time for the BUSIEST real estate team in Southern Indiana! And occasionally I sleep! I am always looking for ways to organize things in my life and last week I came across this article. Check it out for some AWESOME apps that can help organize your life and your family.
    My favorite app on that list is the Mint app. I have recently started using this and love the budgeting features and pie charts (I’m definitely a visual learner!)
    Do you use an app that makes your life easier that is NOT on that list?! I’d love to hear about it! Email me at    heather@thestillergroup.com and tell me about it.
    Ok, now that we know some great apps to help us organize, let’s get real for a moment! Raise your hand if you have ANY space in your house that is cluttered? Raise the other hand if it is MULTIPLE places…. Guilty!! So let me introduce you to the 40 bags in 40 days challenge!
    Every day for 40 days, you choose one area of your home (junk drawer, laundry room, under the bed, the possibilities are endless!) and get rid of 1 bag of clutter (size of bag is up to you). This blog has all the details and even a printable worksheet for you to track what area you are daily!
    Wishing you a great start to an ORGANIZED 2016! Be sure to like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thestillergroup/ for other helpful tips and you just might see some pictures of me (or my team members (mostly Troy who is a paper hoarder)) decluttering our spaces this year!

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